Fall session: September 14 - October 17, 2020 (5-weeks)

Next session: October 19 - November 21 (5-weeks) *registration now open


*Students are required to pre-register for classes. 

*Zoom ID & passwords will be provided upon registration.

*Drop-in's - only if space available (contact Corey)

Registration & Information contact Corey


Awakening & Empowering

A hatha yoga class of standing, seated & laying postures to awaken & empower the body, mind & heart. Suitable for beginners.

Simple & Deep

A gently paced class of standing, seated & supine postures that explores therapeutic principles of alignment to bring balance, focus, increased strength and resiliency into the body, mind & heart. Good for beginners, those with special considerations, and more mature students who are seeking a deeper understanding through simplicity in practice.

Simple & Deep: for the Spine

A variation of 'Simple & Deep', this class will help restore health, vitality and energy to the body/mind by gently awakening the spine (the central column of energy) which will enable us to expand vertically, as well as horizontally (like the branches of a tree). It is through this elongation and expansion that we will recover the youthful elasticity and suppleness that the spine provides. Good for beginners, those with special considerations, and anyone looking to feel more grounded & relaxed.

Deeply Aligned

A class designed to help students move into more advanced postures (back bends, inversions & balancing) through clear alignment principles that will promote focus, increased strength & resiliency in the body, mind & heart. NOT suitable for beginners, or those with special considerations.


Movement is the antidote for sluggish, or stagnant energy and during this session you’ll be invited to move!

I believe in the old adage: “move it, or loose it”, and this is certainly true when it comes to our body’s ability to maintain its full range of motion over time. As we age, it becomes vitally important to move in creative ways, in order to maintain resiliency & strength.  Although this class is rooted in the fundamental philosophical teachings of yoga, this is not a yoga class. Please join me for a movement experience where we will rediscover the joyful art of play!


Restorative yoga is the practice of deliberate stillness & deep relaxation through supported postures. You will learn to identify how and where you hold tension and consciously release it. Through restorative supported postures, you will align with your body's natural rhythms. Living by these rhythms is the key to vitality & good health. 

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