Since 1998, the Yoga at St. Mark's community has been a welcoming hub for students of all ages and abilities, which has resulted in its vibrant & steady growth. Through clear and empowering alignment principles, students are invited to discover their innate strength, wisdom and goodness.

We offer: Ageless Teachings of Yoga – to Engage: Body, Mind & Heart, and warmly invite you to join us!


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Founder/Teacher - Yoga at St. Mark's

Twenty five years ago, Lynn faced a health challenge which became a profound inspiration to shift gears, to examine her priorities, and to take a deeper look into the fabric of a healthy life. Grace, timing and an incredible longing resulted in meeting her living meditation master; a meeting that ignited a spiritual awakening that continues to unfold in her life today.She became a passionate student of yoga, traveled and studied extensively and journeyed to India in 2009. Her initial training was in the Iyengar method. For 12 years, she actively studied Anusara Yoga which culminated in her certification in 2010 as one of Canada’s first Anusara teachers.Lynn is now an independent yoga teacher who continues to be an avid student of the Heart, delighting in aligning the ever-revealing wisdom teachings of yoga with the practicality of life itself. Lynn offers from a rich vein of experience and shares with clarity, authenticity, simplicity and a deeply-rooted passion



Director/Teacher - Yoga at St. Mark's

Corey Lakusiak is yoga instructor & movement trainer who's been teaching at Yoga at St. Mark's since 2007.

Known for her colourful visuals, clear language and alignment cues, she invites students on a journey to tap into their inner wellspring of vitality. Her teachings are rooted in yoga philosophy, human anatomy and Nature.

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Teacher - Yoga at St. Mark's

When Kathleen first started practicing yoga in 2005, it instantly felt like a natural fit physically, given her background in gymnastics. But it was the mental/spiritual effects of yoga that prompted her to want to learn more, and to share her experience with others through teaching. With a background in medicine, Kathleen brings an anatomical, alignment based focus to her teaching; while striving to remain curious and open to possibility.